How it works

I'm going to perform a magic trick. And I'm going to tell you now the secret to the trick: you already are an artist. You already are creative.

But you won't believe me yet. You are going to have to discover your creativity along the way. All I do is help open the doors and remove barriers.

Later, looking back, you'll be amazed at how I pulled off my magic trick. TADA!


As simple as saying "Yes"

Getting started is the hardest part, and I've made that crazy easy for you.

  1. 1
    Name your price

    All of my work is done on the pay-what-you-can model. Find a number that feels right to you.

  2. 2
    Sign up

    Head over to the Get Started page and register. You'll get an email on how to sign up for one-on-one sessions and group events.

  3. 3
    Show up

    Log in to your session. We'll figure out the next steps from there!